If you are dressing for NOW, you must not worry about what other people say.  You are, like me, a grown woman and can do as you wish.  Another part of dressing for NOW is to go with your gut.  When an unnamed individual questioned me about the purchase of this totally kick butt jacket, my response was, and remains, "I'm a grown a*@ woman. I will wear this jacket."

Besides; I think this jacket is too cool, utterly unique and I was surprised to hear anyone had objection.
Part of being IN THE NOW? People might think you nuts.

The jacket is Urban Renewal. I found it at Goodwill in Los Angeles for $5.  It has graffiti all over it.
It's tailored. It's one of a kind. I can't tell you how much I love this jacket.

I had to double check the language before wearing this to corporate, or around those easily offended by words.

The dress is Democracy.
The shoes are Velvet Angels.

I found this little grey, cotton dress, (that includes a touch of gold sparkle all over), at a re-sale store in Minneapolis.  My friends, this dress was $2.  Opitz is an outlet store that marks down inventory every week.  
And while you have to dig, which is the norm when bargain shopping, it is deeply satisfying. This store is very organized and easy to maneuver.

The shoes. They were a gift. A very nice gift.
I feel on top of the world, (they are very high!) in these booties. They are the most beautiful shade of deep teal blue.
Bottom line; this outfit makes me feel awesome.

These shoes actually demanded their own show. Divas!