I hate capri pants.

"Hey, Smarty Pants, those sure look like capris".

"And that is a pretty wack pattern on those pants, too, huh?"

"Those couldn't possibly look good on that round butt of yours."

Capri pants are not flattering.  I've never met a pair that were willing to do me justice.

They generally hit me just above the ankle making me look shortish and stumpish.

They also generally come in casual fabrics and not fitted,  more relaxed, causing some of us to accompany said capri pants with flip flops.

Now I realize many people will grumble once they read this, but seriously, its time to do a little revisit on this pant that a lot of us wear.

Maybe we just need to be more picky.   So, how to wear dumb capri pants?

I spotted these sneaky little pants at a favorite Minneapolis re-sale shop, Fashion Avenue.

I thought they were pants, pants.

Why I bought them:

They have an unusual color and pattern.  Totally unique.
They fit, tight, and are flexible with a little bit of stretch.
They are the right length, for me.  Too long make me look too short.

Shoes from Target.  They have pretty, feminine, cotton bows on them.
In your face, wack patterned capri pants.  These shoes are girly.

I am wearing these capri pants to a meeting at the old day job.

What? I'm wearing a blazer.

This is my standard casual black blazer from Gap.  Wear it all the time.

BLAZER: $20.00

Green cotton button down shirt from Daffy's in NYC.

SHIRT: $12.00

Belt is basic black leather; thrifted.

Standard gold necklace.

Do I still hate capri pants?  Yes.

But I'm willing to negotiate.