Tina Brenkus

WHY SHOP THRIFT STORES? It angers your mother. 

ANOTHER REASON TO SHOP THRIFT STORES?  A jacket for $3.00 and a Rod Stewart concert shirt for $.50. (cent, that is.)

Maybe most mothers would hate this outfit.  I'm starting to realize that any of my outfits that involve t-shirts, especially pre-loved t-shirts, are going to make mom's "do not wear" list.

  1. This is a Rod Stewart concert shirt from 1993. 
  2. Rod Stewart. 
  3. The jacket is fussy with plaid and gold embellishments.
  4. I'm wearing my purple boots. 
  5. This is my favorite way to dress.

I wore this outfit to work. I also went to dinner. The best part of my day was during a busy, heated meeting discussion, a co-worker stopped mid sentence and said, "Is that a Rod Stewart concert shirt?"

I decide that I might strengthen my case to mom by buttoning up the fussy, plaid, gold embellished jacket.  It looks more proper and accentuates the lady like waist.  I found this little jacket at NuLook thrift store in Minneapolis.  It is lined!  It was pointed out to me that a Michael Jackson concert shirt would also be a great choice for this little number. This also makes me realize I just need a Michael Jackson concert shirt, in general, to be happy. 

I think Rod Stewart would approve of this outfit. If only I could get him to call my mom.